Science behind Silver layer on sweets ?

Why is silver coated on sweets?

The logic behind the silver layer or silver leaf or Vark on sweets is not to make them good look but silver or sometimes gold is also used have antimicrobial properties which safe the food from unwanted bacteria and germs to make the food life longer.

How the Silver leaf/ Silver layer are made?

You all may wonder to know that silver layer is not made from silver, yes it is really harmful substance for your body. They are manufactured mostly in traditional units where the silver is placed between layers of animal intestine obtained from slaughterhouses, and then hammered into a fine foil and the process is currently banned by government and they forced to make vegetarian way to make them beside of that it is still unhealthy for your body and you really should avoid it.

Harmful effect of Silver leaf.

Silver leaf is not purely silver it contains high amount of metals which is not good for your health, along with silver it may also have nickel, lead, cadmium and other impurities. Using it on daily bases can cause you stomach pain, bloating and stone as well or if it may go longer it may help your body to choose the way of cancer so stop using it and start avoiding this kind of sweets and switch to healthy options.

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