Why does biscuit design have holes in it ?

Have you ever wonder why maximum biscuits and crackers have hole sin there structure, there are several amount of flavors and designs they have but all those have one thin common in them holes. Why biscuits have holes in it the science behind it? These tiny vents (holes) in these crackers are also known as “dockers” that allow steam to escape during the baking process, which prevents the crackers from rising like other biscuits or breads and minimize air bubbles. Those holes serve a very real purpose. so we can…

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Why sky get orange in the evening ?

sky gets its blue color from Rayleigh scattering. Most of the violet light is scattered across the sky, but our eyes aren’t sensitive to violet, so we see the next most scattered color – blue.In the below image you can see the different layer of colors sun light contains: Why we see the the orange sky in the evening? The main cause of the orange, Yellow sky at evening is the color formation of sunlight which we can see in the scattered format in the above picture and the noon…

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How Does the Ram Setu stones are floating ?

Ram Setu

How Does the Pumice rock float on water ? Ram Setu stone also known as pumice rock are made up of a hardened foam of lava that comes out when there’s a volcanic eruption. The volcano from inside has high pressure due to which when the lava coming out of the volcano meets the cold water it doesn’t immediately sink into the water. How Pumice Stones are made? It is the wonder of nature that billions of things happen in the world we still cannot understand yet but this one…

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